A PROVISIONAL PREVENTION SPECIALIST (PPS) is a prevention worker who has received a provisional certification in order to acquire the experience and education necessary to apply for certification as a Certified Prevention Specialist (PS-C). Therefore, there are no minimum experience or education requirements.  This entry-level certification is not reciprocal with any other state or nation and does not require an examination. It can be renewed once and entails a commitment to seek the experience and education/training required for the PS-C status. PPS candidates must:

  • Complete a PPS Application
  • Provide a signed agreement that they will abide by the PPS Code of Ethics


In order for a Provisional Prevention Specialist to re-certify for another two years of Provisional status, the applicant must have completed the SAPST (or Board-approved SAPST equivalent) and six-hours of Prevention Ethics within the first year of PPS certification and an additional 12 hours of training in ATOD within the first two years of PPS certification.

The following links provide the information you need to apply or reapply for PPS certification.